Monday, September 06, 2010

1 to 30...

we're almost there...but not quite finished.

today I did accomplish a handful of things:

wrote a letter to my future self (as suggested by Terry DeBarger)
the coffee is poisoned (get it?!)

wrote a letter to the president (one we thought of earlier and was also suggested by beth jamison).  i invited him to come over for dinner the next time he is in the bay area.
join us for dinner!

ate a new vegetable (as suggested by jenifer johnson)
dandelion greens and parsnips
why, yes, that does look like a giant weed!
once was probably enough.  might eat parsnips again though.

AND!  i finally registered to start taking counseling classes!  this is something I've talked about for years...
back to class!

in the next few days i'll do a review of the process...  i'm hoping to continue on in someway in the coming year. 

does anyone read these posts? 

Sunday, September 05, 2010

ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!  9 more things to go?!?  (I didn't count the several random first time things like flying into OAK...with those, I'd be closer to 30)

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.  What should I attempt to accomplish on Labor Day, my last day in my 20s?  I've got a few ideas but could use some suggestions.

Windy and Cold! 
B Star Bar - Yum!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

3 to 30...
a bridge.

today i attended my first real yoga class.  you will be pleased to know that i put aside my souls and have restored my energy in myself....ah....not really.  i did enjoy the stretching!

we also headed into the city to traverse the Golden Gate Bridge.  We ended up only walking over half of it - it was cold and wind.y  Actually, felt quite nice...but we had a dinner reservations.  yummmm.  the kozdons (see motorcycle ride), my cousin connor, and the three of us made the trek.  more pictures to come (we got there without a battery in our camera!)

only 2 more days - and a lot to do!

Connor and Nealon - a picture for Nana

Friday, September 03, 2010

4 to 30...


i took nearly 9 years of spanish over the course of elementary, middle, high school, and college.  you'd never guess it now.

today, we went to a taco cart that has been coming to a construction site near our place.  i attempted to order in spanish. 

i think that she was laughing at me

me: cuatro tacos carnitas
gal: how many?
me: four
gal: what kind of meat?
me: carnitas

it was good!

Let me know if you want to join me for lunch someday!  We went with the REAL Coca-Cola too.  (It has sugar, not corn syrup.  oh, so yummy!)  I wanted to drink it out of a bag with a straw...  (that's how i got it in mexico)

Also, today I got my hair cut by a Mexican gent.  His name is Paco.  Much more spanish was spoken than english.  By others, not me.  I've got to brush up!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

5 to 30...


for quite a while, i've talked about having a stationery design business.  it has never gone anywhere...just a lot of talk.  my interest is perhaps not as great as it had once been...but there is still interest.  i designed nealon's birth announcement and have done a few gifts here and there but nothing much.

tonight i printed 3 sets of notecards for friends!  there is no money involved.  no big surprises.  nothing too special.  but, it is the closest i have come to having "Sardine Ink" up and running!

I want to rotate this photo...

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