Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geared up!
7 to 30...

Ride a Motorcycle!
Against my better judgment, I did it!  I rode on a motorcycle.  Working in physical rehab and adaptive sports has me wary of this mode of transportation.  I figured that I needed to do something "dare-devil-ish" and this totally beat sky-diving in my book!

Our friends, the Kozdons, brought one of their bikes over.  Jen let me wear her helmet, jacket, and gloves and Jeremy took me for a quick ride around the block.  It was fun!  Jeremy is a good driver!  Checked that one off...not sure that I need to do it again.

Jen and Luke gave me permission to put my arms around Jeremy so I wouldn't fall off.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 to 30...

Take a (half) day *off*...

Today I was on my own for nearly 5.5 hours!

Luke took Nealon (who slept the first and last 45 minutes of my time away)...they played, walked, shopped, ate, screamed, cried, bathed, and slept...  Thank you, my love! (Nealon refuses a bottle these days and doesn't quite have the hang of a sippy cup yet.)

I had a massage (thank you Groupon and Mother's Day!), explored Los Gatos (lovely!), went to Target, and picked up dinner.  I returned home a little more relaxed and had in my possession a box of diapers, some clothes for Nealon, thank you gifts, and one of Luke's favorite meals.

The afternoon was nice!  I'll have to do it more often (yes, Luke?).  It wasn't that easy to make it happen though.  Got to be good about actually blocking the time off and saying no to things and arranging work responsibilities, etc, etc...

I tried to enjoy slowly...

We also (which gets to count as an addition to the 30 to 30 list) opened up a bottle of wine that we've had for a few years now.  It actually moved here with us from South Carolina.  It was a gift from the president of major league baseball...  (Thanks, Bob!!) We opened the white, there's still a nice bottle of red waiting!  Got you wondering, don't I?

Nealon is still sleeping now!  This may be the longest "break" I've had from him since he came home in December.  I'm actually wanting him to wake up!

Friday, August 27, 2010

11 to 30...

Someone famous.

As you've possibly noticed, I haven't had a set list for my 30 to 30.  Some of the items were already set out, other just happened, and then still others are in the works and/or being discovered.  One of my "unspoken" desires was to meet someone famous.  I suppose this could still happen.  In some regards I have done this earlier in my life as well - been in the same room as several, worked with some, etc.  

Fridays are often Luke's day off.  We like to spend time doing some things together.  Today we went for a walk to the library and stopped for some fro yo at our new local place on our way home.  (Nealon likes the original tart!)  As Luke was paying and Nealon and I were beginning to navigate out, guess who was walking in?  Meg Whitman.  She's the republican nominee for governor of CA, former CEO of eBay, etc.  Now, we didn't meet her per se.  But I did say hi and she said hi back!  She's pretty tall.  She walked out, eating her yogurt and waited for the gentleman that she was with to come out.  She was wearing a white shirt and denim slacks. As soon as he came out, they ran across the street.  Right, no picture.

We then walked home.  I was kicking myself for not asking for a picture with her.  What politician doesn't want people to talk to them?!  We decided that we'd ask them if we ran into them again.  Really, a picture with Meg Whitman now might not be a big deal...but who knows, someday it might be...  Anyhow.  We didn't run into them.  Luke needed to get something done at home and I decided to take another loop with Nealon.  We found them!  They were in the Baskin Robbins across the street.  Her back was to the door.  They were having what seemed to be a fun conversation.  No, I wasn't about to go in and interrupt.  That would be stalkerish!  (As if walking back around the neighborhood wasn't stalker-ish enough!)

So...anyone got some famous people you want to introduce me to?

In other news, we joined the YMCA today.  They have free childcare.  I plan on spending 2 hours there each day.  Class, sauna, coffee...oh, Nealon!! :)

In my creative mode, I did this...  Do you see it? 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 to 30...

Read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Yes, I've managed to never complete this book in my 29+ years!  Now, I have.  It was good!

Who wants to point out to me everything that I missed?  I'll have to read it again.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 to 30...

Create a cocktail!

I'm definitely no bartender.  Can hardly even open a bottle of wine...

Tonight I create the "Sardini"  (get it...Sardine, Martini...Sardini!!!)

It was a concoction of berry juice, lemonade, mint simple syrup, and vodka.

Quotes from the consumers (my guinea pigs):

"It's better than sangria!"  - Ed

"I'd seriously choose to drink it!" - Luke

"DE. LISH. US" - Erica

Anyone want to come over tomorrow night? 

Sardine comes from SARah broDINE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

14 to 30...

Have groceries delivered!

They haven't been delivered yet, but the order has been placed!  I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now.  Safeway delivers your first order (over $50) for free.  We are having people over for dinner tomorrow night so it seemed like a great time to test it out.  The groceries will be delivered between 11 and 1pm tomorrow. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

15 to 30...

See a movie by myself!

Tonight I went to a movie by myself.  It was a nice evening out!  After getting Nealon to bed, I ran out the door. What I was going to see was a bit up in the air until I got there.  Not sure what I'd make it in time for.  Eat, Pray, Love might have been nice choice but it was too long and too late.  I ended up seeing "Dinner for Schmucks" - It was funny, cute, awkwardly uncomfortable, as well as unfortunately crass.  Generally, I don't enjoy uncomfortable movies - this one managed to make the awkward, endearing.

Yes, I know that I've skipped another day.  I'm keeping track and will double up eventually.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

17 to 30...
magazine meal!

i didn't go as all out as I had intended. my initial thought was to create an entire suggested meal from a magazine - drinks, appetizers, main dish, dessert, etc.  tonight we just went for the main dish and wine.

i made a recipe from Sunset Magazine - stuffed chicken with rosemary polenta

Sunset's version

my version

the reason that this was a "challenge" for me is because I typically don't like recipes.  i prefer to have an idea and go with it.  i don't like to measure things.  etc, etc...

unfortunately, they only had pre-cooked polenta at Trader Joe's. i did manage to measure the olive oil.  (that was hard!)  and we did enjoy the suggested pinot grigio with it.

we'd eat it again! 

as a side note - yes, turns out I skipped 18.  i'm sure that I did a thing or two that I hadn't done before but...i'll just have to double up on another day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

19 to 30...

The Mountain Winery, Swell Season, and mixed emotions

Last night Luke and I went out to celebrate our birthdays and 6th anniversary.  We went to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.  This is our third summer in CA, and we've talked about going every summer.  Yesterday evening, our plans finally took us.

Mountain Winery and Swell Season

The Swell Season was in concert.  2 and a half years ago we had tickets to see them but were not able to go to the show.  Last night we finally saw them.

It was a BEAUTIFUL evening.  A warm day lead to a crisp night; cool but not too cold.  For the first time since living in CA I looked up at the stars several times, even saw a shooting star once.  It felt like a late October night in the Carolinas. 

Wonderful show. Amazing venue.

Then, things ended abruptly.  Something that I'd never wanted to witness or experience happened.   During a light-hearted moment in the show, someone came crashing to the stage.  From where we sat, it looked like someone had fallen off of the light rigging.  Seems it was suicide.  Read more here

It was good to eventually return home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 and 20 to 30...

So, spending time in KC took a bite out of my endeavors.  They were full, full, full days!

Again, I accomplished some more random "firsts" but not necessarily long-dreamed-of happenings.

- Finished watching a movie on the iPad
- Completed a "solo" trip with Nealon
- Flew into OAK
- Ate at Gott's in SF with my cousin, Connor, a new SF resident

Yep, nothing too exciting!  Back to the grind tomorrow!

Stay tuned!
Nealon, pretending that he wasn't jet-lagged and that he was enjoying time with Connor.

Monday, August 16, 2010

22 to 30

Met my goddaughter, finally!!!

Today I met our goddaughter, Annabelle P. Johnson!  She turns 3 next month and is precious!  It took a lot of work for us not to meet...

Sweet Annabelle

Annabelle's mom, Jen, is expecting #2 this fall.  She's an AMAZING mom! 

Annabelle is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

23 to 30...

today didn't include any long talked about interests or desires...or something even very interesting.  it did include a few firsts though...

- first time buying tickets on ticketmaster as soon as they went on sale - here we come mumford & sons!
- first time spending the day at my in-laws without luke.
- first time driving around kansas city by myself (with Nealon and Rebecca, of course!  i was just the one doing the driving.

tomorrow...there will be an anticipated first!  (and hopefully some pictures)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

24 to 30...

Visit Southern California!

Today, nealon and I flew to San Diego!  We were on our way to Kansas city*...  Still, I managed to step outside of the airport.  Since we had to get to gate 1 which was on the other side of another security checkpoint (good-bye $2.50 bottle of barely enjoyed water) we stepped outside the front door for a moment.  Tried to take a picture but it didn't work and I didn't want to somehow miss our connection.  Alas, I'll provide you with this picture of nealon on the plane.  We were still on the ground in SD.

On a more legitimate note, tonight, Luke is booking the details for a little family vacay to SD.  (check out the deals on Virgin airlines!! And thank you Hilton points!)  The trip will take place next month...yippee!!!

* nealon and I are aunt Rebecca sitting while luke's mom is having knee surgery out of town.  School starts Monday!

Getting into daddy's Star Wars toys

Friday, August 13, 2010

25 to 30

Go on a real, grown-up, double-date!

Yes, Luke and I have gone on several dates before but tonight seemed a little more grown up.  A real babysitter, a real dinner reservation, real friends, real [good] food, a dress and a dry cleaned shirt.  Luke even cleaned out the car!  (Who cares if the babysitting was *free* as part of an exchange for services set up, and who cares if we used a generous gift card towards dinner.  That just made it even more enjoyable, right?!)

Dinner was at Evvia in Palo Alto.  The other couple was the Herrmann-Hollenbecks.  Batman was dining there.  He even had his motorcycle valet parked.  Our waiter was excellent.  The food was amazing!

Batman's motorcycle and me
Yes, those are real guns on front and yes, that dress had been in the bag of clothes I attempted to sell yesterday.
Laura and Jay

Thursday, August 12, 2010

26 to 30 - fail!
Failure wasn't the task for today.  I fail all the time.  Failure was however the result of what I attempted to do.

Today I had every intention of selling some of my clothes.  Getting rid of things is often difficult for me and something that I'm often trying to do. So, selling some of my clothes seemed like the perfect solution, right?  Well, not the way I went about it.

I selected about 12 of the nicest items* that I was thinking of getting rid of and proceed to go to Plato's Closet where they buy gently used clothing and then sell it again.  I'd never been there before but thought I'd give it a try.
For Sale!
As they looked through my clothing to decide what they would take, I looked through the clothes on sale and overheard what they were telling other people - "we'll buy two of your items and give you $9." - "we'll buy three of your items and give you $6"...  I felt like i was probably in pretty good shape to do better than these other gals!  As I looked at the clothing for sale, I wished that I'd brought some of my target clothes with me.  When my turn to talk with them came up i was told, "sorry, we won't be buying any of your items."  Ouch!

The sign when I entered should perhaps have been an indicator to me.  They were looking for teen and young adult clothing.  Now that I'm almost thirty, perhaps I'm no longer a young adult.

Too bad I'm not a size 4 and don't shop at forever 21!

Here is the cash flow for my day:

Gas - $6 (spent about an hour in the car round trip.  The store is in San Mateo)
Parking meter - $1
Payment for clothing - $0

I spent $7 today trying to make money....

Now do I try consignment or do I just go to Goodwill?

* Including lacoste, Ralph lauren, anthropologie, DKNY, etc.  As a general operating rule, I don't like to spend more than $20 on any item of clothing.  Under $10 is even better.  All of the clothes I was attempting to sell either came from a sale rack, marshalls/tjmaxx/Ross, gifts, or were purchased with my clothing allowance at a former job.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

27 to 30...

Do something with your handwriting! 

I've been wanting to for a while but never really have...  I've been asked what font I've used before when it was my own penmanship.  Somewhere during college I began to enjoy handwriting...mine is ever changing.  I don't expect this entry to win and isn't my favorite.  One of the things that this 30 to 30 project is helping me see it to "just do it!".  There are so many things I never get done because I know I won't be able to do them perfectly.  There are so many things that I'm missing out on because I never even get started...

The contest is for a band called "Sleeping at Last."  Luke sent me the info on the contest.

Here's my entry for tonight.  Again, not my best.  Perhaps I'll enter more!

Handwriting Entry (#1)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

28 to 30...

Painting!  Getting started at least.  My goal is to eventually paint something to hang on the wall.  Today I purchased several beginner/cheap supplies and played around a bit.

Luke wanted something with flowers and a meditation on the ten commandments...

Don't love it but the point of this is to get started, right?

Luke is making me decide tonight what I'm going to do tomorrow...because I'm finding myself getting to these tasks late in the evening...

Monday, August 09, 2010

an urban eden

 29 to 30...

the countdown is ON!

this evening i planted a vegetable garden.  of sorts.  we don't really have any space to truly plant a lush garden.  i like my containers.  there are many reasons that this should not be a success.  we'll see.  perhaps someday we'll have zucchini, broccoli, sugar snap peas, artichokes, lettuce, and jalepenos!

getting these 30 things accomplished is going to be difficult.  if planting a veggie garden at 9pm was one of the easy tasks.... 

until tomorrow!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

30 days left in my 20s. 30 days left until 30. As such, I'm going to try to accomplish 30 things that I haven't done, have wanted to do, or feel need to be done for real before I turn 30. (Having a baby 10 weeks prematurely while 29 years old wasn't enough for me...!)

Tonight I started out easy. We watched Top Gun. Yes, I'd never seen it. It came out when I was 5 1/2 years old and somehow I've managed to survive all these years without it.  It was pretty good....

More adventures to come - most more interesting than Top Gun!  Let me know if you'd like to join me or have suggestions for things to add to my list...  (plant a veggie garden, cook an entire meal from a magazine, ride a motorcycle, go to a movie by myself, walk across the golden gate bridge, go to SoCal, meet my goddaughter...)

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