Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2 Months!

So, we've lived in CA for almost 2 months! We still have our SC phone numbers but other than that, our "things" have been switched to CA. Here is a quick photo update which really only provides a small glimpse of things...we've been busy!

My friend Kari and I took advantage of a free train ride into the city. Our plan was to go for brunch...alas, the place we were planning on eating had been closed (just for a few days) for remodeling.... There weren't a lot of other options so...we ended up at Panera...
I met Kari at the beginning of our time here. She had just moved out from Tennessee. We enjoyed having extra time to hang out while not having jobs. (We are both now employed)

A highlight of our time here thus far has been "jam nights"! A wonderful family in our church has hosted us and several other musicians for dinner and music on a couple of Friday nights. This is something that we would love to do if we had the space - We're SO thankful for the opportunity and space provided. Luke has compiled/invited a different group both times and it is fun to watch (and listen to) the variety of talents!

A few weeks ago we made it to the coast (Montara Beach) with a couple of Luke's cousins and their kids! One family lives only about 20 minutes from us and the other was in from Reno for the weekend! We had a lot of fun! Neither of us have lived this close to any of our first cousins before.

We have a piano! I accidentally found a great free piano on craigslist...and it is now in our living room...determining where all of the other furniture goes! We're excited! It is a good piano that just needs a little touch up work. The guy giving it to us even loaded it up and delivered it. Some friends helped unload it...causing a tiny traffic jam on the first night of the summer concert series in the park just down the street from us.

4th of July! We did a little bit of everything that day...ended by fireworks! We had parked near a movie theater so, instead of braving the traffic to get out - we went and saw "Get Smart" - it was fun! (That sounds a little like an elementary school report "it was fun") So on that note - I'll finish with a poem that I wrote in elementary school...

I like the 4th of July
It's when the fireworks fly
It makes a big, big boom
When the fireworks zoom

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You may have heard that hundreds of wildfires are burning in Northern California. Beyond hearing about them, we're smelling them, feeling it in our breathing, and seeing the soot that has come in from our bathroom window being open. It smells sort of like a campfire...

Here's a short write-up on the situation:

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Photo Update!
Our weekend, minus a few activities, plus a few details, summed up in photos!

We've attended two MLB games since we've been out here. One A's game - versus Detroit - in a luxury box with Tyler Martin and friends (THANKS Tyler)! This past Friday evening we went to AT&T Park in San Francisco and watched the A's beat the Giants.

We were also in a luxury box at AT&T Park thanks to our friend Erin's employer! Erin's husband, Bob, works at Grace with Luke and we've enjoy spending time with them since we've been here. One added highlight of being in the luxury box was running into Kristi Yamaguchi in the hallway! I could have reached out and touched her. She was honored before the game with a Giant's jersey...for winning "Dancing with the Stars"...I think!

On Saturday, Luke and I headed back into the city. Before heading in, we met up with our friends Garth and Dan. We knew Garth from Seattle and he's now living in Los Angeles. Dan and his wife, Claire, live about 20 minutes from us. Once in San Fran, we enjoyed walking around Union Square. We had a yummy and affordable dinner at "King of Thai Noodle House" and then...

...we went to Border's to enjoy an in-store concert by Sam Philips.
This is what had taken us into SF in the first place.

On Sunday afternoon, we hiked "The Dish" with our friend Bonny. The weather was perfect! Once we got past the incredible uphill start, we really enjoyed our time. :) Bonny then treated us to Fraiche - frozen yogurt!

The Dish (it is very large!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant to "start" blogging. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to "get going"? (Other than having a baby...? :)) I think that pictures help blogs so...that will be my next step to being a better blogger

Other items for suggestion:
  • Good summer reading?
  • How to handle an upstairs neighbor who is a light sleeper? Closing the lid on our toilet or opening our closet doors and walking seem to wake her up...
Things here in California are going pretty well! We're feeling a bit more settled, although I still don't have my clothes unpacked...

In the past week I:
  • Ruined clothing at the laundromat - black pens and industrial dryers don't go well together!
  • Interviewed for a job - the guy interviewing me was younger than me! It would have been a lot of hours and little pay so, i passed.
  • Went to an A's game - in a luxury box! A new friend with season tickets had access and had a sort of "celebration" to welcome us. Fun stuff!
  • Had dinner with Luke's cousin - Scott and his family live in the area and have recently welcomed a new baby!
  • Connected with more people on facebook!
  • And a handful of other things like starting to have people over for dinner and games!
I'm enjoying exploring by foot! We live withing walking distance to a couple of grocery stores (including a Trader Joe's), and about a 20 minute walk from a mall! Not having a job can get expensive! I've been trying not to let it though...

So, selling a house is not for the faint of heart! At least not selling our house across the country :). I'll spare you the details but it has gotten a little bit hairy!

This week I'm looking forward to:

  • A Giants game - also in a luxury box!
  • Lunches and breakfasts - with new friends!
  • Hanging things on our walls!
Until next time....

Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're in California!

Hey all...I think that I'm going to try to start blogging...?! For the time is a quick update -

Luke and I just moved to California! Luke is the new worship director at Grace Presbyterian Church in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto/Stanford University area). We're living in a little apartment in Menlo Park. We arrived here a little over a week ago and our things (POD #1) were delivered yesterday...a little later than expected! We also found a car yesterday - 1996 Volvo Wagon :). So, now it is time to get settled! Luke leads worship for the first "official" Sunday tomorrow to get some sleep!

Our new mailing address is: 932 University Drive, #1, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Life in a small college town...
So, I often am amused by the "quirks" of living in a small town and figured I might as well share is ok if no one reads them. (Jen, thanks for the push to update this more than once a year!) We love Clemson and Pendleton but also like to laugh about things that seem so simple but well, sometimes aren't so getting a cup of coffee at 7pm on a Wednesday evening...

Tonight, Luke and I went out to see "Bee Movie" at The Astro (more affectionately known at "The 'Stro") It is the fantastic $2 theater in Clemson. The internet said that the movie started at 7pm but when we arrived, it actually was scheduled to start at, what to do. Let's get coffee. Where? Jittery Joe's? OK. So, we drove to Jittery Joe's...closed!! Ah, yes - school is out so things shut down. Where now, well, after eliminating other options because they were either too far away, probably closed, or involved going to the grocery store for coffee, we ended up at Sonic (if you aren't familiar with this chain - which now that I think of it is a year old here in Clemson! We enjoyed our Carmel Mocha Lattes (the total cost for 2 was $4.77 - quite the value, don't you think!?). We enjoyed them while staring across the street at the Starbucks that is under construction...what is happening to our small town?!?! Starbucks!!!
After sitting in the car for 20 minutes - listening to the new Alison Krauss and Robert Plant album - we headed back to the movie theater. And yes, the movie was cute...

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